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Rees Consulting Group is a comprehensive business consulting firm with customizable systems and approaches that are designed to target and resolve pain points, in turn keeping you on track with your business goals.

In 2019 alone, the RCG team helped 7 different companies reach multi-million dollar status with our proven system and process. Our ability to help infuse and scale businesses makes the team at RCG one of the most sought after consulting groups in the United States.

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Real Results

The partners of RCG were responsible for overseeing one of the fastest growing brokerage in the country, doubling their growth from $100 million in 2018 to $200 million in 2019!

Opening Doors

They are now opening the door to anyone within the business community to share their secrets to success and offer you the opportunity to learn from the very best when it comes to building, running, training and operating a successful company!

True Value

Offering true value and training that you can use from day one gives the RCG business solutions system a competitive advantage that yields results and more income for you and your team!


Adam Rees

Adam Rees

Founding Member

Adam is one of the most well respected and talented leaders, sales trainers, motivational speakers, marketers and branding minds there is in the country.  He has a very diverse background with over 15 years of experience in the sales and marketing industry.

Most recently he has worked with his brother Tyler Rees, and has helped take Innovative Financial Group from a start up to a $200 million company in just 5 years! Adam has helped build, train, and oversee a sales force of over 6,000 agents who are located in each of the 50 states! If you are looking for someone to help you recruit, brand, market, and train your team then please make sure to contact Adam so he can help you and your team achieve your goals.

Adam Rees also is one of the most dynamic, inspirational, and entertaining keynote speakers on the speaking circuit today! His unique ability to communicate, brand, teach, and ultimately customize an approach for each client at Rees Consulting Group, is what sets Adam apart from others in the business community.

Tyler Rees logo

Tyler Rees


Tyler  is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. His ability to help infuse and scale businesses makes him and his team at RCG one of the most sought after consulting groups in the United States. In 2019,  Tyler and his team have helped 7 different companies become multi-million dollar companies with our proven system and process. Tyler has been a mentor, and teacher to thousands of professionals across the country!

Tyler’s proudest accomplishment is Innovative Financial Partners, which is a National Marketing Organization that specializes in the distribution of insurance products. Tyler helped start the company in 2014 and in 2019 IFP was responsible for writing over $200 million in annualized premium. 

Tyler’s passion is helping business owners develop, restructure and scale while focusing on creating an environment founded on integrity and transparency.  Tyler is an angel investor and has strategically funded over $10 million in start-up projects in 2019. Tyler is known for his customizable, creative approach that drives massive growth while focusing on efficiency.

Peter J Fournier

Peter J. Fournier


Peter J. Fournier has been in the life insurance industry for nearly a decade. He has been a top producer in both a captive environment as well as within his own agency and has developed dozens of replicable procedures and presentations for hundreds of life agents across the country. 

Pete is not only one of the best sales trainers in the country but with proven systems, methods, and techniques can help take you and your team to the next level.


Working with Adam Rees for the last 2 years has almost been too good to be true! Adam has an unbelievable ability to assess any situation to accomplish the most effective outcome for everyone involved. He has been a true godsend in my growth as a manager to help me lead others on my team. I’m convinced that had it not been for Adam, I wouldn’t be enjoying the same success and growth. When I decided to leave my prior agency after three years due to the lack of their growth, I had the good fortune of being introduced to Tyler Rees by telephone. Within five minutes of our conversation, I knew he was a true leader! Tyler has the ability to not only deliver on what he promises, but he’s able to utilize each person‘s individual strengths to their maximum ability. He’s a true visionary when it comes to where the company is going moving forward, but growing the agency in five short years from 5 agents to 5000 agents!
Tony Lani
Owner of Lani Success Coaching
When I left my last consulting group, I knew I was looking for a company that supported the clients, and had many options for the clients. Adam Rees goes out of his way to help clients achieve the goals they are looking for. He will fly out and assist when needed. His knowledge has helped in so many situations! Adam has a unique way of making everyone feel like they matter! RCG is a true family! I have been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. When I found RCG, I was looking for a group that offered many options for my clients. As well as a team that supported our team goals. Tyler Rees is ALWAYS looking out for his clients! He is constantly finding new lead sources, new carriers and the BEST options for the agents. Tyler also recognizes each person and is willing to listen and come up with solutions to any concerns. I knew I found the perfect “Home” with RCG!
Cindy Schneiderman
CEO of Schneiderman & Assoc.
I have known/worked with Adam for the past 4 years. I have had the privilege to be present at a few events that Adam has been a guest speaker. At all the events, his ability to draw and keep the attention of the audience was astonishing! His work ethic is by far, one of the best in the industry. I am proud to call Adam my business partner and friend. I met Tyler approximately 4 years ago. At that time, my business wasn’t where I expected it to be. Tyler introduced me to his platform and told me what he could do for our business. Everything he said he would do, he did. I have put my businesses faith and trust in Tyler and since partnering with Tyler, we have grown 3X in size and profit. He is not only a great mentor but he also has become my brother. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to partner with!
Dena Horvath
Owner of Steel City Financial
When you think about scaling your personal business to the next level there’s a name that everyone in the marketplace is familiar with and that’s “Tyler Rees”. Being able to work with Rees Consulting Group and seeing their vision has completely changed my perspective on the business and really in life. Their attention to detail, Sales and Marketing strategies and personal development, it’s all a part of their mission to make agents really the best they can be in the field and in life. Iron sharpens Iron and I would HIGHLY recommend Rees Consulting Group to anyone that is looking to grow as a person and grow their business.
Nate Doud
National Sales Manager at Premier Marketing, an Integrity owned company
I’m at 100% close rate utilizing the script in Pete’s playbook for Life Insurance Sales.
Ryan Travers
Insurance Broker
I learned more in 20 minutes on the phone with you than I have in my entire career.
Johnny Baldino
Owner of The Legacy Group & Associates LLC
…well you’re the best in the business!
Marva King
Insurance Broker
First full week of using my new strategy in the field and the first 4 field days I’m 18/24 for $20,136. Not to brag or boast, but to show you what’s possible when you have the right mentor and right guidance. Pete Fournier worked along side me and helped me big time creating this strategy.
Nick Scordos
Owner of Scordos Financial
I tell you what, if you’re not reaching out to Pete Fournier for coaching and training, you’re missing out. I was fortunate enough to hop on a call with this guy and in one 10 minute phone call I took more gold away from this than the gold in Lil Wayne’s mouth lol.
Robert Comes
Insurance Broker