Proven systems that will result in the quickest ROI possible. We offer access to the most customizable and interactive training university, retreats, and weekly webinars that can be done virtually or face to face, so every tool can be next level.


Whether you are brand new to the industry, have been selling for a few years, or an industry veteran, we will improve all aspects of your business. We will take a deep dive, together, into prospecting, referrals, cold calls, leads, closes, retention, recruiting, contracts, products, and much more!

Business Development

We will help you either create, update, or edit your business development plan to make sure you are implementing the business strategies and techniques we are going to be teaching you! Let us help you either get your startup off the ground, increase plateaued sales, or assist you in building your sales team and organization! Learn how you can take your company and staff to levels you never thought possible! 

Marketing Development/Branding

Branding and Marketing is one of the most critical pieces of any business, but also the area where companies and entrepreneurs struggle most.  If you do not have a clear brand and marketing strategy, you will most likely fail! Let us help you not only create, but more importantly, implement a clear and effective marketing and branding strategy!

Company Culture & Environment Building

Culture can make or break a company’s ability to succeed. We often see companies struggle to establish and maintain the right culture for their group, or they just aren’t sure how. Let us help show you how not only to create the right culture so your team can strive to greatness, but we will show you how to maintain and cultivate the right culture for your specific company! 

Angel Investment

Do you have a great business idea or venture that is just missing capital to get it off the ground? RCG has an extensive network of angel investors that are constantly looking to fund the next great idea. Please reach out today so we can make your dream a reality!

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting are the two biggest pain points for entrepreneurs when they are building their organization, especially when you are worrying about every other aspect of business. However, it is something that you don’t want to get behind on and that you need done right! Let RCG’s team of accountants and bookkeepers help you get to where you need so you can focus on what you are good at, and that’s building your company! 

Attorney & Legal Support

Make sure your organization is protected and that you have the proper legal resources for your long term success. RCG has compiled the very best attorneys and legal support staff to ensure that your entity is protected! Sign up today for access to the very best business legal teams there are!